Ms. Reid earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Kansas State University in 1998. She retired from teaching after thirteen years. This was not long after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This rocked her world.

It no longer mattered how well Reid taught. The school district “didn’t like the optics”.  Children with special needs taught by someone with different medical needs. She was also reminded by administration and peers that she was the reason medical insurance costs were up across the district.

With M.S., several physiological losses occurred when Reid was diagnosed at 29 years old. T-cells ate away parts of her brain that caused sensory, hormonal, language, and short-term memory issues.  Her spine left her with permanent numbness on parts of her left side, pain, and vision issues.

In an attempt to leave the world a better place, she writes with honesty, humor, and compassion in her blog regarding all types of disabling conditions. With all the instructional books on parenting, she provides “the fine print” for children and adults who are born with diverse medical or psychological needs.

Ms. Reid clears up misconceptions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, and people who are uniquely–abled.

How many people, like Reid, studied various disabling conditions, worked with those young people and became a person living with several disabling conditions?

A separate page for the Antics of Zoey the Therapy Dog exists for children on the website. It is changed weekly. Kids can follow Zoey on Instagram @Zoey_the_Therapy_Dog.

Ms. Reid lives with her devoted service dog Zoey.  They have performed pet-assisted therapy around the Kansas City metro for eleven years. It’s estimated their team has visited hundred’s of people in that time. This volunteer work birthed the idea for the Zoey the Therapy Dog series.